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Last updated 11/26/2013
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If you woke up breathing, congratulations!  You've got another chance.

This page is so under construction it hurts.

please bear with us

This page gets its name from the Madeleine Peyroux song "Getting Some Fun Out Of Life".  It is the song that we have chosen as our anthem.

"When we want to love, we love,
When we want to kiss, we kiss,
With a little petting, we're getting,
Some fun out of life.

When we want to work, we work,
When we want to play, we play,
In a happy setting, we're getting,
Some fun out of life.

Maybe we do the right thing,
Maybe we do the wrong,
Spending each day,
Wending our way along.

But when we want to sing, we sing,
When we want to dance, we dance,
You can do your betting, we're getting,
Some fun out of life."

Hello!  Welcome to our first attempt to create our own space on the web.  Thanks for taking the time to browse by.  Our interests are many, and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.  So if you will click on a link below, you can begin your journey... (This part hasn't changed in over 10 years.  If the front page sounds a bit Geocities, I'm sorry.  Perhaps one day I'll get around to doing a major change.  Right now, I'm not really motivated to do so.

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