Start The Adventure! 

Traveling is, without a doubt, one of our favorite activities.  Here you will find highlights from some of our trips. We hope you enjoy the tour!

We have been traveling since August, 1999, when we went to England to view the total solar eclipse. Our trip to France in June, 2002 was the first time we brought along a digital camera, so we thought we would set up a webpage using this great new device.  If we are inclined later on, we might add pix from the earlier trips.  However, that involves digging out the prints and scanning each one into the computer.  Much more complicated than plugging the digital camera into the port and dumping the images.  Technology is wonderful!

 Paris, 2002

Britain, 2003

Scandinavia, 2005

London, 2006

San Diego Comic-con, 2005-2007