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It seems that blogging has become one of the reasons that the Web continues to increase in popularity. (That, and easily accessible pornography.) There must be something to this idea of sharing your thoughts with a jillion people you don't know.  With books this has always been possible, but not everybody can publish a book, and, unless you are already a best-selling author, your audience will be small.  With a weblog, you have an audience that is potentially in the hundreds of millions.  People who write blogs either feel they have something worthwhile to say, or has a serious need to vent. Some people might not like blogs, but they don't have to read them.
Lazarus Long, a character from many of Robert Heinlein's novels said this about any kind of  writing:

    "Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of - but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards."

Well, I usually agree with ol' Lazarus, but I think writing can be a worthwhile endeavor. 
I have found a great deal of wisdom in blogs, as well as a bunch of junk.  That does not surprise me.  Campbell's law  states: "Ninety percent of Science Fiction, hell, ninety percent of anything, is junk.  The real trick is to find the worthwhile ten percent." 

I'm hoping this blog is among the ten percent.

Entry 0001:  In which we learn that America is far more conservative than most conservatives let on.

Entry 0002:  In which we are introduced to the California Recall and Republican Politics.

Entry 0003:  In which we see more of the recall and are introduced to Squeak The Skeleton.

Entry 0004:  In which we lament the outcome of the California Recall and meet Al Franken.

Entry 0005: In which we review the wildfires, the election and the grocery store strike.

Entry 0006: In which we meet Squeak's New Friend, and discuss things in general.

Entry 0007: In which we go to Launglin, Nevada and see a volcano.

Entry 0008: In which we capture Saddam and I gain some wisdom.

Entry 0009: In which we go to Phoenix and discover Cowboys and Outpatients

Entry 0010: In which I write a short story.

Entry 0011: In which I come back after a long absence, and get repeatedly stabbed (in a good way).

Entry 0012: In which I continue destroying our floor,  we go on vacation, and I discuss the implications of protein.

Entry 0013: In which I finish the floor, school and my computer.  I also look for aliens.

Entry 0014: In which I go to Europe again, and experience a medical procedure.

Entry 0015 : In which I tackle a very serious issue of our time.

Entry 0016: In which I talk about school and space.

Entry 0017: In which I nearly suffer an Aneurysm over the election.

Entry 0018: In which I get back to blogging after a year absence, and review 2005 (Except for the last two days).

Entry 0019: In which I get back to blogging after a year absence, and review 2006.  (I also explain why I have not blogged in over a year.)

Entry 0020: In which I am coerced back to blogging after a year and a half and post pictures of things I have done recently...

Entry 0021:
In which I decide, once again, to get back into blogging, even if nobody ever sees it.

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